MaxCDN Review | is it good CDN choice ?

MaxCDN is “Content Delivery Network” providing company that offers killer CDN service with 24/7/365 Customer Support for excellent price. There is a relationship between the distance of your server and user location as it impacts on your site loading time. The further your site server is placed from your users’ location, the longer it takes to load your site on the users’ machines. So in order to access your site faster from different places of the world, you need to use lots of servers around the world.

Seems Difficult ? Don’t worry !! MaxCDN does all this for you by providing a strong network of servers across the globe.

What is a CDN ?


A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the Internet. The goal of a CDN is to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance. CDN servers across the world have a copy of your website and its small files, so when a visitor loads your website, the CDN delivers your website’s files from the closest server to them. The further the physical distance between the server and the user the slower the website becomes. So by serving from a closer location, the speed of the website increases.

Benefits of MaxCDN

Easy Integration

Once you have signed up for MaxCDN, integrating MaxCDN with your site seems a hard job but believe me it only takes seconds. If you are using wordpress. All you need is to enable CDN option in W3 Total Cache plugin and add MaxCDN API ID & API Key. The moment you click save button, you are done. All of static content of your website starts being served from MaxCDN Servers.

More Scalability

When you grow, your current setup may slow down with the new demand; MaxCDN gives your website more scalability as we offload the heavy parts of your site onto our servers.

Better SEO

Google’s algorithm has over 200 different ranking factors, and speed is one of them. As Google announced on their blog “Speed is now a ranking factor”.

Happier Users

Studies have shown that your users’ happiness is directly related to your page loading time. A faster site will yield happier users.

Blazing Fast Web Experience

The best thing i love about MaxCDN is that your website experience improves dramatically and page loading times decrease too much leading to “Blazing Fast Website” as your website becomes powered with Fastest and optimized Servers across the globe.

Smart & Powerful Control Panel

MaxCDN provides very smart and powerful control panel with dashboard from where you can manage all your CDN stuff – creating more zones, changing settings , upgrading or downgrading service etc and view Reports.

maxcdn control panel

MaxCDN must be expensive ?

You may be thinking by now that MaxCDN must be expensive, right ? Well, i also thought same at first. The price of their starter plan is very competitive that’s $39.95/year and it includes 1 TB/Year that’s enough for many websites for a year.

Still expensive ? Don’t worry, here’s a coupon code that will give you another 25% off. Use the Coupon code MaxCDNcoupon” on checkout and get 25% off . 

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