Finally, Google Summer of Code 2014 is Over Successfully

Though the major part of my project – i.e. programming for app –  was almost completed, but still one thing was missing. I still had to clean my code, organize the whole package in better way, review all the files, re-factor the variable names, methods, remove unused commented code and add proper comments (whereby missing). After discussion with my mentor, i finally did all this and submitted my code on Google-Melange as well as committed to GitHub.


On August 27, 2014, I got the confirmation email from Google that my Final Evaluations results are processed and I have successfully completed and passed Google Summer of Code 2014. Yaaaayyy 😀


A big Thank-you to my mentor, Sir Christian Garbers, INCF and Google for this opportunity and continuous support. GSoC was an incredible experience and a great inspiration for moving towards open-source development in future. Participating in Google Summer of code and do coding was indeed FUN, full of learning.

My pull request was accepted and got merged with G-Node Repo, thus marking my first ever official open-source contribution :)

Anyone who wants to see my project and what I coded can download my submission files from Google Melange Project page: and it’s available on GitHub as well: You can download the zip and import it into eclipse directly as an Android Project.

Besides this, Google also sent a T-shirt and a certificate.


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